Windscreen wiper part 2 and the door

It turns out that the knob for the windscreen wiper switch has been badly butchered beyond recovery. Trying to make it fit the OEM switch risks breaking it completely. So the aftermarket switch has been repaired and the wiring sorted so that the wiper now operates on 2 speeds, both better than before.

The washers had a electric pump but the switch was not working to drive it. A hidden push switch has been added to make the washers work. And very effective they are too, the electric pump is a lot more powerful than the manual push/pull pump for which they were designed. The jet reaches well beyond the car’s length unless carefully aimed!

Meanwhile, the driver’s door has been adjusted. It had sagged badly and the door latch was resting on the striker, making opening it tricky with a lift of the door required. There seems to be no adjustment in the hinges so some shims have been used. A little bit of adjustment of the latch is probably required but it is working well enough for now.

2 thoughts on “Windscreen wiper part 2 and the door”

    1. Thanks Marcel. I did get the wiper control sorted in the end using the existing knob. Turns out the switch was not a BMW part and the knob had been drilled out to suit. But I got the switch working so all is well.

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