Windscreen Wipers and washers

The wiper blades installed are a loose fit in the end of the blades, missing the spring loaded retention device.

Fortunately new old stock is available and I was able to get a pair.

The wipers no longer self park. This is because the wiper switch has been replaced with a 2 stage single pole switch. The second stage operates an electric washer pump replacing the original plunger/pumper version. Or it would do if the second stage works, which it doesn’t.

The switch should supply 12 v to the park switch when in the off position – thus powering the motor until the park switch interrupts supply – and 12 v directly to the motor when in the on position. A generic proper wiper switch looked hard to find, so I have purchased a good used one with the plunger pump as well.

It looks like the wiring connections for the park switch are still there but a bit of rewiring is required to make good the conversion to the existing switch.

There is also the issue of getting an original spec washer bottle and cunning valve that sits on top of it. The pump uses a single pipe from the pump to the bottle with the valve sorting out the in from the out as the pump alternates between suck and blow.


Fortunately all is now resolved and the wipers and washers are working but still with an electric washer rather than manual plunger.